The Big Ride – Those darned rain clouds! 

As the famous quote from Robert Burns so aptly states “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”.  

A little wet weather has passed through the area so my plan to head out on my “epic motorcycle trip” to circumnavigate much of North America has been delayed by a day or two.  That being said, I’m packed and ready to roll.  Based on the forecast it looks like it will be a “go” in the morning. Yeah!! 🙂 🙂 

Stay tuned. Updates to follow as the rain clouds part!

The Big Ride – It’s a go!! (Ottawa, Canada – where it all began)

The big day has finally arrived….my bike is warmed up and I’m ready to roll.

The great adventure begins!!

Look at this smile 😊☀️😊

The Big Ride – A Great Beginning

Wow…what a great first day!  Despite a very chilly start to this morning’s kick off of my epic motorcycle trip to circumnavigate much of North America, today’s ride was dry and very enjoyable, thanks to having electric gear.  As I pulled out of the garage this morning the “real feel” according to AccuWeather was a chilly zero degrees!

Today I headed south to the Adirondacks, with a first night stay-over in beautiful Lake Placid, New York.

Lake Placid Bike

The area is one of my favorite motorcycle destinations, with its majestic pine forests, pristine mountain streams and some pretty amazing roads that wind through the mountains….it is absolutely breath taking this time of year. The scenery on the ride to Keen along side of the mountain stream was spectacular.  I filmed the ride but being day one and still getting used to running my new GoPro camera, I experienced an alignment issue so I won’t bother sharing with you the video of the dashboard of my bike.  Hopefully my filming improves tomorrow….that or I hire a film crew 🙂

Lake Placid

If you are in the area be sure to check out the The Adk Restaurant in Keen, a few kilometers south east of Lake Placid. Their menu is full of wonderful choices, all prepared locally, including homemade breads, soups, and more, including many healthy choices.

Tomorrow I head south towards Lake George and beyond where the real mountains are.  I can hardly wait!

The Big Ride – Living the Dream in Real Time (New York)

Today I experienced what living life is really about.  As a personal development and leadership coach I am blessed with being able to help individuals realize their potential and most importantly to live life to its fullest. Being on this trip is allowing me to do just that.  Today I experienced it through someone I met along the way.

While riding from Lake Placid towards Lake Scanadaga I took Highway 8 which hugged the curves of a series of lakes.  I stopped in Hague, NY to take advantage of one of the beautiful lakes that was nestled in behind a park filled with ornamental fruit trees that were in full bloom.    

When I pulled into the parking lot there was another motorcycle…a red Daucati sport bike.  When I walked down to the lake I met Guenther, an older gentleman who was enjoying his lunch by the water.  What was of particular interest was that he had a motorcycle jacket on the bench next to him.  He and I introduced ourselves and I learned that he was 79 years young and had ridden his bike from Vermont to NY State for lunch…about a 250 mile round trip.  Gunther told me that he’s been riding since he was 18 years old and that this was his seventh Dacauti sports bike.  He said he just can’t stop 🙂

What an inspiration to meet a person who is living his life out loud and continues to enjoy his passion of riding motorcycles at 79 years of age.  As I rode away I was filled with a knowing that this is what life is really about.  It’s about following our dreams and doing the things that we love most.

Thank you Gunther for reaffirming what my heart has been telling me all along.  Ride on!!

The Big Ride – Living Life Out Loud (Hawks Nest, New York)

Today was totally over the top.  One of the first locations I added to my “bucket list” when I started planning this trip was Hawk’s Nest, New York, on Highway 97 – the Delaware River Scenic Route.

Hanging out on Hwy 97
Hanging out on Hwy 97

When I turned the corner and road snaked before me, it literally took my breath away as I was filled with childlike delight.  I must say the experience totally surpassed all of my expectations.  The  ride was so exhilarating I rode it not once…not twice…but three times because I just couldn’t get enough of it.

The one minute video is best viewed on “full screen” mode.

Wow! What an amazing trip this is turning out to be!

Hawk's Nest - Hwy 97 Upper Delaware Scenic Byway
Hawk’s Nest – Hwy 97 Upper Delaware Scenic Byway

The Big Ride – Such a Sweet Treat of a Day! (Hersey, Pennsylvania)

Today’s ride took me through much of Pennsylvania, including the Delaware Water Cap National Recreation Area.  The route consisted of sweeping curves through lush forests accompanied with the sweet fragrance of an abundance of wild flowers and shrubs in full bloom.  Despite a forecast that suggested rain gear would likely be inevitable, the skies remained clear, with temperatures reaching almost 30 degrees Celsius.

Here is a short clip of today’s ride.

The ride just kept getting sweeter with an unplanned stop at none other than Hershey Pennsylvania to visit Chocolate World!

Chocolate World Rocks!
Chocolate World Rocks!



This one's for you :)
This one’s for you 🙂









Could it possibly get any sweeter than this?

The Big Ride – Roads Sweeter than Honey! (Pennsylvania / West Virginia)

After arriving in Harrisburg late Saturday afternoon on May 16, 2015, I took a pleasant walk along the waterfront which was across the street from my hotel.  To my delight I found a series of beautiful bridges running across the Susquehanna River.  Each of the structures was unique and quite incredible!

Harrisburg, PA - State Capital
Harrisburg, PA – State Capital





The following morning, my plan was to take the I-81 from Harrisburg towards Hagerstown and onward to Hancock, Maryland.  However, I inadvertently took the wrong freeway and ended up on the I-83 which took me in a totally different direction…despite having asked a service station attendant if the road I was on went to Hagerstown…apparently she thought all roads led to Rome 🙂

I managed to find myself in York Pennsylvania, where Harley Davidson manufactures motorcycles.  Although the plant was closed for the day, I managed to meet a very nice man who works at the HD plant.  He was kind enough to help me sort out the route and get me back on track by recommending Route 30 which ran through Gettysburg, PA and turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable ride.

From there I continued south west and ended up on Highway 219 heading to Elkins, West Virginia.  OMG…it was 80 miles (or for my Canadian friends – 130 Kilometers) of the finest road I have ever ridden.  I’ve ridden a number of exceptional roads in the past, including the Tail of the Dragon, The Snake and more, but this road was totally exhilarating and far superior to the others.  The road consisted of one sweeping curve after another and seemed to go on forever!  It ran through farmlands, a state park, as well as a forest preserve.  It was well maintained and with very little traffic.

Here’s a clip of what ended up being an awesome ride:

Despite initially heading off in the wrong direction this morning, I’m grateful that the Universe had other plans in mind for me today.  Today’s experience was an amazing contribution towards the unfolding of my dream!

Tomorrow I’m off to discover more awesome roads in West Virginia!