The Big Ride – Such a Sweet Treat of a Day! (Hersey, Pennsylvania)

Today’s ride took me through much of Pennsylvania, including the Delaware Water Cap National Recreation Area.  The route consisted of sweeping curves through lush forests accompanied with the sweet fragrance of an abundance of wild flowers and shrubs in full bloom.  Despite a forecast that suggested rain gear would likely be inevitable, the skies remained clear, with temperatures reaching almost 30 degrees Celsius.

Here is a short clip of today’s ride.

The ride just kept getting sweeter with an unplanned stop at none other than Hershey Pennsylvania to visit Chocolate World!

Chocolate World Rocks!
Chocolate World Rocks!



This one's for you :)
This one’s for you 🙂









Could it possibly get any sweeter than this?

One Reply to “The Big Ride – Such a Sweet Treat of a Day! (Hersey, Pennsylvania)”

  1. Hi Bonnie, I hope you don’t mind Barre’s sharing your blog with me. I think what you are doing is fantastic. Living a are so lucky! Have fun and be safe…Sylvia

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