The Big Ride – Timing is everything! (Daytona Beach Florida – Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Dealership)

It’s interesting how things work out.  Over the past few days I was experiencing some problems with my bike when trying to shift up into second gear.  I know…I know…it’s a Harley 🙂

When I rolled into Daytona Beach at the end of the day I stopped at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley Davidson Dealership and arranged to stop back this morning thinking it was a minor clutch adjustment.  Later in the afternoon I happened to be by a Yamaha dealership and asked if they could adjust my clutch cable.  When looking at it the mechanic thought that there might be a problem with the inner primary and suggested I have it looked at.  Thank you Daytona Fun Machines for the excellent diagnositcs!

This morning when I returned to the Harley Davidson Dealership I was impressed not only with the service experience but also with their efficiency and the hospitality that was extended.  The Service Advisor, Jacob Snyder, ensured that  my bike was looked at as soon as I arrived, while the Customer Relations Manager, Jean Abeling took the time to tell me about their impressive dealership, one of the largest in North America.  She also introduced me to one of the principles, Mandy Rossmeyer Campbell who was interested in learning more about the epic motorcycle trip that I was on.

Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley Davidson Dealership where Highway 1 meets the I-95
Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley Davidson Dealership where Highway 1 meets the I-95

I must say that the Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Dealership is like none-other that I’ve been in.  First of all I rode my bike into the dealership when I checked it in.  From there it is placed on a ramp that took it up to the second floor where there were 42 bays.  The dealership has a coffee shop, smartphone charging stations, merchandise and parts, chroming and detailing as well as the the late Mr. Rossmeyer’s bike collection on display.  Here are a few photos from the dealership.

Checking my bike into the Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Harley Davidson Dealership
Checking my bike into the Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Harley Davidson Dealership

Smartphone stations

Lounge area and coffee shop inside dealership
Lounge area and coffee shop inside dealership


collection2 collection3

Working on my tan in sunny Daytona Beach
Working on my tan in sunny Daytona Beach

My repairs were covered under my extended warranty so while my baby was in having the sprocket replaced  in the inner primary, along with a new shifter, I was enjoying another day in sunny Daytona Beach.  This included some much needed beach time and an opportunity for my legs to see a little sun.  If you know me well, my legs are always white at the end of riding season so the odd day of sun is always welcomed 🙂

As well, I had the opportunity to check out some local favorites and enjoyed dinner at a great BBQ spot called the Daytona Pig Stand.  It was a carnivours delight! I ordered a combination plate of BBQed ribs, brisket and smoked chicken.  Hmmmm

A carnivour's delight!
A carnivour’s delight!


pig stand2

Pig Stand decor
Pig Stand decor

The decor was a little on the wild side as well 🙂


After dinner I stopped off at the Iron Horse Salon and Kyla, one of the employees provided me with a personal tour of their establishment which was interesting.  I can only imagine how interesting this place must be during Daytona Bike Week when there are about 100,000 bikers in the area.

Iron horse saloon
Iron Horse Saloon


Iron horse saloon2Iron horse saloon3

The Tree House
The Tree House

Now that my baby is back on the road I’ll be heading out in the morning to see more of Florida.  Stay tuned…there’s more to come!

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Bonnie St Julien

Bonnie St Julien provides personal and leadership development coaching and mentoring, to support individuals who aspire to make a positive and meaningful difference in who they are, in what they do, and how they do it. Bonnie is an accredited certified Coach and Professional Behaviours (DISC) and Driving Forces (Motivators) Analyst, with over 25 years of public sector management experience, including as an Executive Director. In addition to her professional experience, Bonnie has overcome a number of personal challenges, providing her the determination and strength needed to get though whatever life hands her. Bonnie is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride and embraces life fully! Calling on Bonnie's extensive professional and life experience, individuals who work with her are transformed through the coaching process by gaining self-awareness and by taking incremental, concrete action steps to achieve their desired goals, creating meaningful and sustainable results in their lives, their work, their organizations, and their world! If you are looking to bring meaningful change to your leadership style, Bonnie is the coach for you!

4 thoughts on “The Big Ride – Timing is everything! (Daytona Beach Florida – Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Dealership)

  1. Good evening Bonnie,

    So far this looks like the trip you had been dreaming of. This is really inspiring and I wish for you to keep on unfolding the Big Ride just the way you had envisioned it.
    And also, whenever there are some downs through all the ups, share them as well if you feel like it.
    The photos are great!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bonnie from Fort Erie
    What a wonderful happing you are having. It feels like everyone is traveling with you. We can’t wait to see what the next adventure is
    going to be. Love your music selection. Be safe Barre

    Liked by 1 person

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