The Big Ride – Living the Dream 

The “Big Ride” was my epic 90 day motorcycle trip that circumnavigated much of North America.  Click here on The Big Ride to see amazing Go Pro video footage, photos and lots of great story telling.   I’d love to hear from you so be sure to leave your comments.  Enjoy the ride! 



In May 2015 I embarked on an experience of a life time.  I set out to “live my dream”!

As I approached my 50th birthday I did something that I had only ever imagined doing.  I learned how to ride a motorcycle. I remember standing on my front step, looking at my first little 250cc motorcycle and saying “When I retire I’m going to ride across Canada!”

Since that time, not only has my motorcycle grown so did my dream along with it.  I started on a small Honda Rebel 250cc motorcycle and over the years traded up to, a 2013 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic.  I purchased this touring model in 2013 in anticipation of “The Big Ride”. My original intention was to wait and buy the bike when I retired, but a wise friend reminded me that life is about the experience.  Her words remain with me today “Don’t ask why.  Ask why not”.  Needless to say took advantage of the opportunity and enjoyed riding my new motorcycle and put on close to 30,000 kilometers in the two years before heading out on this epic voyage.

I did some serious planning to prepare for the epic 28,000 kilometer trip which circumnavigated much of North America. The planning was underway for a little more than a year and all of the pieces came together beautifully!  I’ve learned “preparedness invites opportunity”‘.  A big part of realizing my dream included my retirement from what had been a wonderful career in the Federal Public Service where I’ve had the opportunity to grow as a leader over 34 years. Before transitioning into my new career as a personal development and leadership coach and before embracing the next stage of my wonderful life, it was time to realize my dream.


In an effort to have you follow along and to keep my dream alive long after returning home, I blogged throughout the trip  which spanned 90 days as I wound my way through the United States, into Northern British Columbia and along the Yukon boarder where I was raised, and back home to Ottawa, Ontario .

I completed The Big Ride and returned home in early August 2015 after spending 90 amazing days on the road.  The more that 50 posts I made during the epic trip include Go-Pro video footage, numerous photos an some great story telling of my adventures.  You can check out the posts from the home page or by clicking on The Big Ride. I hope you enjoy the journey…I sure did!

Since The Big Ride I’ve upgraded my ride, this time to a 2017 Honda Goldwing.  Not to distract from The Big Ride, but here’s a picture of “her” on our first epic ride across central Canada.

10 thoughts on “The Big Ride – Living the Dream 

  1. As always, you amaze and inspire me, Bonnie. I will be happy to follow your dream unfolding in the next few months. Sandrine.


  2. Told everyone I was with today about your adventure. Stay safe and get a good rest every night. Will there be pics of where you are? Look forward to hearing from you and how your first day went. How far did you go? Luv, your bigger sister

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