The Big Ride – A Great Beginning

Wow…what a great first day!  Despite a very chilly start to this morning’s kick off of my epic motorcycle trip to circumnavigate much of North America, today’s ride was dry and very enjoyable, thanks to having electric gear.  As I pulled out of the garage this morning the “real feel” according to AccuWeather was a chilly zero degrees!

Today I headed south to the Adirondacks, with a first night stay-over in beautiful Lake Placid, New York.

Lake Placid Bike

The area is one of my favorite motorcycle destinations, with its majestic pine forests, pristine mountain streams and some pretty amazing roads that wind through the mountains….it is absolutely breath taking this time of year. The scenery on the ride to Keen along side of the mountain stream was spectacular.  I filmed the ride but being day one and still getting used to running my new GoPro camera, I experienced an alignment issue so I won’t bother sharing with you the video of the dashboard of my bike.  Hopefully my filming improves tomorrow….that or I hire a film crew 🙂

Lake Placid

If you are in the area be sure to check out the The Adk Restaurant in Keen, a few kilometers south east of Lake Placid. Their menu is full of wonderful choices, all prepared locally, including homemade breads, soups, and more, including many healthy choices.

Tomorrow I head south towards Lake George and beyond where the real mountains are.  I can hardly wait!

The Big Ride – It’s a go!! (Ottawa, Canada – where it all began)

The big day has finally arrived….my bike is warmed up and I’m ready to roll.

The great adventure begins!!

Look at this smile 😊☀️😊

The Big Ride – Those darned rain clouds! 

As the famous quote from Robert Burns so aptly states “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”.  

A little wet weather has passed through the area so my plan to head out on my “epic motorcycle trip” to circumnavigate much of North America has been delayed by a day or two.  That being said, I’m packed and ready to roll.  Based on the forecast it looks like it will be a “go” in the morning. Yeah!! 🙂 🙂 

Stay tuned. Updates to follow as the rain clouds part!

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