Coaching Services

Are you ready for coaching?

If you find yourself wanting to move to a new level in your personal life or your work, take on a new or existing challenge or to increase your personal awareness and effectiveness then coaching is for you!

With the help of an accredited coach you will come to understand what needs to change, how to change it, and develop focused strategies that will generate meaningful and sustainable results.

 Accredited Coaching

St Julien Performance Group is committed to the highest levels of quality and the ongoing development of its coaching practices.  Bonnie St Julien is an experienced and highly skilled coach.  Bonnie has more than 25 years of public sector management and leadership experience who has also held a position as an Executive Director. Bonnie has also overcome a number of personal challenges, providing her the commitment and dedication to developing confidential, trusting, caring, candid, and supportive relationships with her clients.

Personal Development and Leadership Coaching Techniques

St Julien Performance Group uses a variety of coaching techniques, her diverse career and life experiences, including behaviour and motivation assessments to support her clients.  As an accredited coach, Bonnie will work as your sounding board and reality check, will provide honest feedback, she is an empathetic listener, cheerleader, and supporter. Coaching relationships vary in length from focused, four to five month relationships to longer relationships lasting one to two years, according to each client’s needs.

 Selecting the Right Coach

If you are serious about working with a personal development and leadership coach, St Julien Performance Group provides a free complimentary session to ensure there is a right fit between you and your coach.  During the complimentary session Bonnie St Julien will work with you to identify your coaching and development needs, come to understand your current and potential goals and outcomes, and recommend a course of action.  Contact us today!

If you are coasting, you’re going downhill!” – Bonnie St Julien