The Big Ride – When in Rome (Marlin Texas)

The past few days riding across Texas have been memorable.  After leaving Nacogdoches I had the pleasure of chatting with a couple of locals in Marlin, Texas, a small town that was at one time known for its mineral hot spring and a buzz of activity with many people visiting to benefit from its healing properties.

An exuberant Beth Scruggs and her friend Earnest Cluck provided me with an incredible amount of information about that town and its history.  Beth recounted how her father, now 87 was the owner of one of the largest herds of Texas Long Horns.   She went on to say that the Hilton Hotel chain built its eighth high rise hotel in the town to provide accommodations for the many visitors who once flocked to what was a vibrant bustling little town.  The lavish 110 room facility was built by Conrad Hilton in 1929 with a tunnel that led to a bath house across the street.

Visitors included the New York Giants Team who came to Marlin during their spring training between 1908 to 1918 to take advantage of the healing mineral waters.

4th Hilton 4th hilton2

Wanting to learn more about the mineral springs and the “little town that was”, I rode over to the Chamber of Commerce to check it out.  There I met Dusty Rhodes, a 67 year old local who claimed that from the time he was a young boy he’s been drinking the water as part of his daily regime.  He was there at the spring collecting water to take home for bathing.

Marlin, Texas - The mineral water capital of Texas
Marlin, Texas – The mineral water capital of Texas


Doing as the Romans do
Doing as the Romans do

Being the curious type and wanting to do as the Romans do….literally and figuratively speaking, I took the plunge.  Not only did I experience relief when I soaked my hot tired feet in the mineral water…my feet had been stuck in my hot motorcycle boots all day.  I also drank a full glass of the hot salty water.  I must admit I think it made a difference.  I feel wiser as a result and I think I’m a little taller too.  Oh wait…that’s from those new cowgirl boots I bought…but now I’m getting ahead of myself in my story telling and will have to leave that for another blog 🙂

Stay tuned…there’s more to come!

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