The Big Ride – Miles and miles and miles (Creole Nature Park – Louisiana)

It’s been a few days since I’ve made a post to the blog.  Although in some respects it feels like only a short time ago, in reality, it’s been miles and miles and miles and on a road trip a lot can happen in three days.  Road trips are like that.  Time passes quickly and upon reflection it’s sometimes difficult to recall all of the interesting details but I’ll do my best…just for you.

The last time I posted I was in Morgan City, LA and I had just toured Oak Alley Plantation after leaving New Orleans.  While heading towards Lake Charles I stopped in the historic town of New Iberia to take a couple of photos.

While there I went into the library…I know it sounds strange but road trips lead you to interesting places.  The truth of the matter was that it was about 38 degrees Celsius with plenty of humidity and the library was air conditioned and had facilities.   There I met Jackie, a woman who works there.  She is formerly from Canada and now lives in New Iberia.  She and her colleague chatted with me about the area and suggested I check out a little town called Beaux Bridge located a few miles north.  Thank you ladies for the suggestion!


Spanish moss adorning a majestic oak tree
Spanish moss adorning a majestic oak tree
Interesting to learn that New Iberia was home to a Prisoner of War camp during the WWII
Interesting to learn that New Iberia was home to a Prisoner of War camp during the WWII
New Iberia close to the library
New Iberia close to the library

New Iberia 2IMG_0028

Beaux Bridge is a quaint little town with interesting shops and cafes, including one called “Joie de Vivre” where I was able to treat myself to a frozen latté while being able to admire some local art.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from there.

Beaux Bridge
Beaux Bridge

Breaux Bridge

Breaux Bridge Art

Walkway at Beaux Bridge
Walkway at Beaux Bridge

IMG_0054 - Copy

The following day led me south of Lake Charles to the Creole Nature Trail which is a 180 mile long loop that includes Louisiana Highway 27 which runs through a part of the Intracoastal Waterway that runs inland from the Great Lakes at home, along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the US down through the Gulf of Mexico.

I set out with hopes of finding an alligator farm and perhaps taking advantage of being close to the sea to enjoy one last roadside lunch of craw-fish.  The scenic byway surpassed my expectations! The vistas were breathtaking! And visiting with the locals who were parked along the roadside and pull offs to take advantage of the crabbing and fishing was equally as refreshing.

I never did find an alligator farm but to my delight, when I stopped at one of the walkways there was an alligator in the wild that was hanging out there.  Yup…alligators hang out waiting for tourists to show up 🙂  I think that locals fed him despite the warnings not to.  Here’s a couple of short videos from the trip through the Creole Nature Trail.

Oh…and I also found a great place to enjoy a craw-fish lunch.  I love when it all comes together!!


I’ll try to catch up with the blogging over the next day or two.  It’s been a couple of very hot days in Texas…sizzle sizzle sizzle!

sizzle sizzle sizzle!
sizzle sizzle sizzle!

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  1. Bonnie, I love following your journey. I went for my bike licence when I was 51, but I dropped my bike during the skills test. I was too scared to try again. I really wish I would have. Art bought me a brand new Yamaha V-star 600 for my first bike. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a natural. Now I just ride on the back.

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