The Big Ride – Sweet mountain byways! (West Virginia)

I have to say that it’s been two days of sweet mountain riding!  The roads have been exceptional.  Yesterday (Monday May 18, 2015) was a rain free day despite having been chased by a number of ominous rain clouds through the mountains heading from Elkins, WV, to Summersville, WV on Route 219.

I have to say, Route 219 is one of the nicest highways out there.  It’s one beautiful curve after another and I’m loving it!  If you are planning a trip down this way you might want to build it into your route.  And remember, when the signs say 20 miles per hour…yup best to get into first gear because there are some very tight curves on this route and they just might sneak up on you.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday:



North Bend Monongahela National Forest
North Bend Monongahela National Forest

And here is a short video clip of yesterday’s ride….enjoy!

And here is a little clip from today’s ride (Tuesday, May 19, 2015) from Summersville to Charleston, WV.  The camera is in a new position and offers a very interesting view – hope you like it 🙂

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Bonnie St Julien

Bonnie St Julien provides personal and leadership development coaching and mentoring, to support individuals who aspire to make a positive and meaningful difference in who they are, in what they do, and how they do it. Bonnie is an accredited certified Coach and Professional Behaviours (DISC) and Driving Forces (Motivators) Analyst, with over 25 years of public sector management experience, including as an Executive Director. In addition to her professional experience, Bonnie has overcome a number of personal challenges, providing her the determination and strength needed to get though whatever life hands her. Bonnie is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride and embraces life fully! Calling on Bonnie's extensive professional and life experience, individuals who work with her are transformed through the coaching process by gaining self-awareness and by taking incremental, concrete action steps to achieve their desired goals, creating meaningful and sustainable results in their lives, their work, their organizations, and their world! If you are looking to bring meaningful change to your leadership style, Bonnie is the coach for you!

3 thoughts on “The Big Ride – Sweet mountain byways! (West Virginia)

  1. Hi Bonnie, This is Guenther. I so enjoyed our chat. I am still in awe in regard to the trip you are taking. I loved our picture on your blog. I wish you all the best. Keep the wheels down.

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