Do you have a dream and don’t know how to make it happen? Here is a simple SMART way to make it happen!


I remember dreaming about riding a motorcycle across the country and admiring others who were out there doing it.  I got lucky and was inspired by a friend.  He rode up on a “new to him” 750cc Honda Shadow.  I was impressed and in complete awe.  At that point this story could have gone either way.  I could have dismissed it.  After all he was a guy and that’s what guys do.  Then again if he could do it why couldn’t I?  Yes, admittedly, I am a woman.  Luckily, that didn’t enter into the picture. 

When I started asking him questions I became interested in his strategy.  He had bought a used scooter and rode it for a month before buying the motorcycle.  I liked the idea of starting small.  As it turned out, he lent me his scooter.  I took a ministry approved riding course and after riding the scooter for two months I purchased my first motorcycle – a 250cc Honda Rebel that topped out at 80km.  Regardless, I felt like Janice Joplin!  I’ve upgraded three times since then and four years later I purchased a new Harley Davidson cruiser.  Last year I rode some of the most challenging roads in North America, including Deals Gap, also known as Tail of the Dragon – google it.

The message here is that if you have a dream follow your heart.  You can make it happen – incrementally.  Here are a few simple steps to realize your goals in a way that’s SMART:

  1. First you need to get clear and be Specific about what it is you want.    Step into your desire and imagine it.  Yes, feel it.
  2. Develop a plan that has concrete Measurable steps that leads you towards your desired outcome.
  3. Remember that each step needs to be Achievable.  They don’t need to big but you need to be able to make them happen!  They need to be within your control.
  4. Your plan, along with the outcome needs to be Realistic.  No, I couldn’t have ridden the Harley Davidson five years ago, or at least not without hurting myself!
  5. A plan that is Timely is critical to success.  Depending on what’s going on, other factors will need to be considered.  Timing is an important consideration.  I retire next year so a motorcycle trip across the country fits perfectly into my plans!

On reflections, I can see that most dreams are not realized overnight – not even with motorcycling.  There were days when I lacked confidence and needed coaching and support from more experienced riders.  I’m sure you’ve hear it before “If your dream doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough!”

Next year I’m riding south across the US, into Colorado and Utah where the roads are out of this world, up the west coast, into northern BC – yes the Alaska Highway is part of my route – and back home to Ottawa through Montana, South Dakota and the mid-west.  It’s an estimated 26,000 km.  It’s a big dream and I intend on making it happen, one route at a time!

And what about you – Isn’t it time to make your dream a reality?  

Published by

Bonnie St Julien

Bonnie St Julien provides personal and leadership development coaching and mentoring, to support individuals who aspire to make a positive and meaningful difference in who they are, in what they do, and how they do it. Bonnie is an accredited certified Coach and Professional Behaviours (DISC) and Driving Forces (Motivators) Analyst, with over 25 years of public sector management experience, including as an Executive Director. In addition to her professional experience, Bonnie has overcome a number of personal challenges, providing her the determination and strength needed to get though whatever life hands her. Bonnie is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride and embraces life fully! Calling on Bonnie's extensive professional and life experience, individuals who work with her are transformed through the coaching process by gaining self-awareness and by taking incremental, concrete action steps to achieve their desired goals, creating meaningful and sustainable results in their lives, their work, their organizations, and their world! If you are looking to bring meaningful change to your leadership style, Bonnie is the coach for you!

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